Why water treatment?

Thousands of people have been drinking our high-quality purified water for years and are feeling lighter, healthier and more energized.


The human body is a highly complex system. It consists of millions upon millions of cells. Each of these cells is constantly carrying out important, specialized tasks and must also interact with other cells. This complex teamwork functions smoothly only if the body receives sufficient amounts of water every day. Even a slight lack of water will result in noticeable impairments. Humans drink a minimum of 700 liters of water per year. Next to the amount of water drunk over the course of a day, the most important factor is the quality of the drinking water.


Nature has been providing us with clean water for many thousands of years. This water was not sanitized or treated with anti-corrosion agents. It was neither enriched with minerals and oxygen nor supplemented with sugar, ozone, carbonic acid or alcohol. This water also showed no traces of pharmaceuticals such as clofibric acid (lipid-reducing agent), ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory agent), carbamazepine (anticonvulsant), metoprolol and sotalol (beta blockers), sulfamethoxazole (antibacterial), nor did it contain residues of PFTs, PAHs, uranium, asbestos fibers, nitrates, lead, copper or any endocrine disruptors. By the way, there are no legal regulations concerning medicinal product levels in drinking water.


Aqua Living water is treated using a highly effective, specially developed proprietary and patented treatment process that verifiably removes pollution resulting from the advance of civilization as well as the harmful substances mentioned above.


Help your body rid itself of toxic and waste substances as well as dietary fiber. Read your body's signs and take them seriously. When you feel thirsty, your body is just asking for pure water, not for mineral-enhanced water, soft drinks, coffee, beer and certainly not for solid food.


Prof. Eduard David, M.D. of the University Witten / Herdecke (April 30, 2006):

"Water that has been purified osmotically by molecular filtration matches the quality of such water and is even preferable to it because the anthropogenic and often carcinogenic toxins increasingly found in all water as a result of environmental pollution can be reliably removed by molecular filtration. …. From a medical perspective, offering water with a mineral content of less than 20 mg/l is highly desirable."

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