Spring-time technology

Plug in and use

Easy operation
Easy operation
Start-up and operation couldn't be more intuitive or easier. Anyone who has ever operated a coffee machine will be able to get the spring-time up and running.

Electronically controlled operation

Electronically controlled operation paired with a single-button operating approach. Just a gentle push of the start button begins the water treatment process and freshly purified, delicious drinking water is dispensed from the tap. The machine switches off automatically after completing preparation. Hygiene problems – even during extended downtimes – are now a thing of the past. Simply press the start button for 5 seconds (see User Guide) to automatically start the cleaning and sanitizing cycle.

„direct flow”

The "direct flow" method provides fresh drinking water immediately and at all times. There is no need for intermediate storage in a water tank.

Important values are displayed for continuous control

The input and output values of the water are precisely displayed in ppm (parts per million). Purification performance can be monitored at all times.

Exceptionally convenient and fast filter replacement

Exceptionally convenient and fast filter replacement
Exceptionally convenient and fast filter replacement
Exceptionally convenient and fast filter replacement Pull the front bezel straight out (magnet holder), easily turn and pull out the pre-filter, insert the new pre-filter, reattach the front bezel. Filter replacement completed!

True mobility

The spring-time cuts a fine figure wherever it goes, whether at home or in the office. With its connectivity (12/24 V power supply), your mobility knows no bounds: Use it in the car or RV, on a boat, in a vacation home or timeshare.

Reverse osmosis with only 0.4 liters of waste water

Water purification using the reverse osmosis method with only 0.4 liters of waste water per 1 liter of clean water. Aqua Living's patented process has reduced the amount of waste water – which is inevitably produced during reverse osmosis water purification – to an unparalleled minimum.

Automatic safety shutdown

Suitable for use with food

All components in the spring-time that come into contact with water are tested for suitability for use with food. The spring-time is manufactured exclusively in Germany. It meets aqua living's high standards of quality and complies with all relevant European standards and regulations.

Removable water tank

Removable water tank for easy refilling.

Drip tray with detachable drip grid

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