At aqua living, we are guided by the principles of sustainability.


Water is a central part of sustainability. Therefore, the United Nations have declared 2008 the 'year of water' in conjunction with the "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development."


Balancing economic, ecological and social interests and perspectives is at the heart of sustainability.


One of the results of this balancing act is aqua living's sustainable product, spring-time.


This product helps reduce waste and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The quality of life of the elderly in particular improves as the need to buy bottled water and transport it home is eliminated. In this way, aqua living also takes demographic development into account. In the medium to long term, it also helps consumers reduce costs because treated water is far less expensive.


At aqua living, sustainability isn't viewed as just another buzzword to promote the corporate image, but as both the basic principle and the leitmotif of our economic endeavors.


Dr. Martin Hellwig

Institute for Sustainability Education

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