Quality at all levels

aqua living develops and manufactures electronically controlled, high-performance water treatment systems in Germany which are characterized by their easy operation, comprehensive safety technology, long service life and unique design.


Health and the environment

Our products contribute significantly to a healthy and environmentally sensitive way of life. In the product design and production stages we are guided by the principles of sustainability.


Our products speak for themselves

Assessing the facts of a situation is more difficult if you're not an expert yourself. In this case, professional consulting services are needed. At the same time, the desire for increased simplicity, transparency, stability and developing an overview is growing. Products that are easy to understand. Products that, while internally complex, are designed to be easily understood and give visual indications of the actions being carried out. You can always count on aqua living water treatment systems to perform, everywhere and under any circumstances.


Made in Germany

The first stages of innovative product design involve the development of new concepts, technologies and designs in Germany. A team of highly skilled and motivated product developers, engineers, designers and marketing experts have translated the water treatment system of the future into reality.

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